Medals for all occasions

The classic choice for high achievers since 400BC, medals have entered a new age with stunning colour and 3D shapes. Reflect your organisation’s identity and professionalism with medals that are eyecatching and unique. Choose from a range of materials and designs and add extra creative touches with coloured neck ribbons, display cases and stands.

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    Sports medals to high quality custom designs
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    Sculptured sports medals 50mm & 70mm
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    Large range neck ribbons.
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    Insert medals to add your logo in full colour.
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    Medal engraving available.
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    Display cases & stands

Custom Medals

Show off your logo in handsome three-dimensional metal styles. We have shiny and matt finishes with colour accents available.

Ready Made Medals

We have catalogue medals for every possible event and competition you could imagine. Personalising options include logo inlays and name engraving.

Cases and Ribbons

Ensure your medals stand proud with colourful cases, stands and ribbons to coordinate with your colours. Ask our friendly staff for ideas on combinations and styles.